Specializing in Swimming Pool Leak Detection and repair

Poolleakdetection.com specializes in Swimming Pool Leak Detection and repair utilizing the latest technologies, including electronic, sonic and hydro phonic leak detection of your vinyl or concrete pool. We now utilize underwater cameras to video inspect your pool lines. Have your swimming pool inspected prior to purchasing your new home.

When your swimming pool leaks, are you loosing more than a 1/2 inch of water a day? Have you tried finding the leak yourself, but can't find it? Main Drain problems? Call KG Pool Services, HELP is just a call away.

All pools are susceptible to leaks, whether old or new, plaster or vinyl. Leaks can be caused by ground movement and settling, aging, even your pets. Fortunately, KG Pool Services has a complete leak detection service to find and repair annoying leaks before further damage can occur to the pool or surrounding area.  Call our service department to make an appointment so we can find and repair that leak. 

Electronic Leak detection. We use an electronic instrument that has been specifically designed to find leaks in your pool. No more sending down a diver and spending hours to try and find the leak. No more draining the pool either. The use of the electronic leak detection device saves you money and time. This device takes all the guess work out of finding the leak. No more "I can't find the leak". 

Sonic Leak Detection is used in conjunction with Pressure Testing for finding leaks in your plumbing.  It is used to listen for escaping air or water from the pipes that run under your decking. It will not find leaks in your liner as some will have you believe. We can find leaks in your lines quickly and accurately using this test.

The season to enjoy pools is short. Many problems that are commonly experienced can be solved without draining the water from the pool.  Downtime for your customers or your own pool maybe avoided. It is likely we can provide a solution to your problem without draining the water from the pool.